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May 13, 2011


I LOVE THIS STUFF!  I can't get enough fantasy football - even in May!  So, I've been checking my websites (see below) and reading my daily emails (see below) and really love finding out any new information.  So, here's a few Sam Bradford to Billy Bajema's for you:
  • Football guys just posted their 2011 Rankings ( and even though it's May, and we don't even know who's on who's team, and we don't even know if they're going to play - I just studied them for like 15 minutes.  They have Chris Johnson as the #1 overall player, but the #3 RB?  Huh?  They also have A.J. Green as a Top 20 WR, and Mark Ingram as the #16 RB, but no rookie QB's in the Top 20 (However, that's exactly where you'll find Tim Tebow...and not Kyle Orton!)
  • From what I've read, all these workouts that are being organized are about as effective as playing Madden together, but isn't it interesting who you don't hear organizing them.  I don't hear names like Cutler, Rodgers, Rivers.  They may be doing it, I just haven't heard.  It would be more of a concern if QBs weren't organizing teams than excitement over QBs who did get teammates together.
  • Just read that Washington may be interested in Brian Westbrook.  That makes sense.  They had five running backs get significant carries last year.  They just drafter two more.  Yeah, they could use someone else in the backfield!
  • Is it a little scary that Cedric Benson has had two quotes in the last week that might actually make sense.  By the way, I think I'm with Mike Golic - you trade Carson Palmer.  Might as well get a draft pick or two for your franchise!
  • Scott Wolf reported that Seattle might be interested in Matt Leinart.  It was also reported that they're interested in Reggie Bush and any other USC player that hasn't lived up to the hype.  I think it would be kind of cool to see what happens if Carrol and Leinart reunite the band.
  • Jermichael Finley and Marques Colston both said they feel great and are even stronger than they were last year!  Isn't it incredible how everyone feels "great" in the offseason!
  • It's May, and I'm checking the internet at least twice daily for football news.  Two great ideas if you're a fantasy football dork.  1) Go to and sign up for their daily email - it's awesome!  2) Go to and add it to your favorites.  They've got an incredible amount of information and some great writers.  And if anyone ever subscribles to their magazine I'd love to check it out!
Would love to hear what you think - especially about the rankings.  Or if you've got a great site you go to for info, let me know.  Drop us a quick comment below!

May 9, 2011


     A couple of days ago, the Houston Texans reported that they are moving Mario Williams to Linebacker for their 3-4 defense.  Today, Dan Pompei from the National Football Post is saying they could move him back to Defensive End if that doesn't work.  There has not been one scheduled practice and they've already got Mario Williams switching positions.....AND SWITCHING BACK! 
       Now, here's the crazy thing - I'm actually following all this!  I'm reading emails from, checking, logging on to Pro Sports Daily NFL Rumors, and going to the small print in any newspaper I read.  There's a lockout, nothing is happening!  Even if the experts are right about free-agent moves and roster additions - we have no clue until something happens, and we don't even know when it's going to happen or what rules they will be under when it does.  But I still follow!
     Will Kyle Orton be a Bronco?  Will Kevin Kolb end up in Arizona?  Is Greg Little the next Larry Fitzgerald?  Which one of the ten or so Rams receivers will Sam Bradford be throwing to this year?  Rex Grossman could be the starting Quarterback for the Washington Redskins, are you serious?  Who is going to run the ball in New Orleans?  Will Julio Jones start?  (They already said he would - must have been his impressive walk up to the podium that assured them of that!)  Are the Bengals going to sign a veteran...and not let another one sign with anyone else?  Does John Elway believe in Tebow, and what would happen if he did Quarterback for a whole year?  Is Beanie well or not-so-well?  I even saw an article in The U.S.A. Today about Brett Favre (yes, the watch has officially started) - AND READ IT!
        I'm a sick man!  But, if you are reading this you are too!  Only the truly, metally deranged would not only keep up with the latest football "news" during a lock-out, but also put everything else in life to "second-hand" status!  Could it possibly still only be May?  Even without a lockout, camps don't start for another three months.  Oh, we're definitely sick.
       But, my advice to you, is the same as my advice to myself.  Enjoy the heck out of this!  If you love it, follow it!  No regrets, no worries.  And if you happen to catch a nugget, like the Carrol County News reporting that Joe Flacco will be using more audibles this year - count that as a good day!

May 7, 2011


     Isn't it ironic that we always hear of players complaining about "voluntary" O.T.A.'s until they get locked out...and then everyone's organizing them!  Tony Romo, L.T., Mark Sanchez, Kyle Vanden Bosch, Chad Henne, and Jim Harbaugh even asked Andrew Luck to tutor Colin Kaepernick with his new offense. 
     But, my favorite is Drew Brees.  Not only did he get 40 teammates to come, not only did his wife hand out Capri Sun and cookies after the workout, not only did he lead the workouts as the U.S.A. Today called him a "quasi-coach", but he also paid for the thing!  Trainers, the Tulane staff, the field and even helped some younger teammates afford it.  Yahoo reported the total to be in the five-figure range.  That may be like you or me shelling out $400 of our $40,000 salary, but it's still cool!  And here's why - he's telling the first year rookie that he's as important as Marquez Colston.  He's saying every person on this team matters, so if you can't afford to get down here, I'll take care of it!  And 40 people did!
     Do you remember, as a kid, trying to get 16 or so people together to play baseball at the local field?  Or 20 to play football?  Wasn't always easy!  Can you imagine trying to get 40 professional athletes from around the U.S. to coordinate the schedules, and then planning the whole thing, and then running it?  That's a lot of work!  But, that's what leaders do!  All these guys are leaders!  It would be easy to take some time off and see what happens, but it takes a leader to inspire others to something they might not do on their own.  It takes a leader to organize men.  It takes a leader to step out and get them to work when they don't have to.
     Tim Tebow even looked at the lockout as a time to "get a competitive advantage over more complacent players."  And doesn't that separate leaders from everyone else?  Leaders look at what they can do!  They don't make excuses.  They don't let anything get in the way of the team's goals.  They don't think about not having a season, they want to be prepared for when the season does start!
     And that's why I love football.  Guys like Drew Brees, guys like Tim Tebow, any of these guys who got their teammates to come and workout when they could just sit at home - they inspire me.  Their passion for what they do, their willingness to do whatever it takes, their positive attitude - it applies to every area of life.  And it makes me want to be more like that as a husband, dad, teacher, volunteer - whatever role I'm in.       

May 5, 2011


"Don't draft rookies!" - Tbone 2011

     OK, I've fallen for it!  Watch hours and hours of draft coverage.  Start reading football writers who have nothing else to talk about because all the non-rookies can't even work out - and we don't know which team half of them are on.  Look at the line-ups of teams and realize how awesome these new guys fit.  Listen to GM after GM tell us how great this guy is and how he's going to start right away.  Sooner, rather that later, you start to get the DRAFT A ROOKIE buzz!  You overvalue kids who have not played a snap in the NFL.  And maybe I'm like a four-year old on Christmas morning who just wants to play with his new toys, but there seem to be some real players coming from this year's rookie ranks.
1) Daniel Thomas
I believe in the fish!  I believe when they say he could be their #1 back.  I believe Ricky and Ronnie will be just like me when this lock-out is over - looking for jobs!  Don't get Ryan Matthews crazy here, but as a third running back from a team who likes to establish the run, and, as of right now, aren't sure who their quarterback is going to be - not a bad option!
2) A.J. Green
This guy is just too good!  Would it be better if a proven veteran were throwing to him?  Yes!  Would it be better if Carson Palmer were throwing to him? I'm not sure.  But does he have talent to overcome a quarterback's limitations?  It sure seems so.  However, don't forget how unincredible Larry Fitzgerald looked last year when his quarterback struggled.  A.J. is a good #3 WR who will get you some big games, and by Fantasy Playoff time could be producing some game-changing numbers for you.
3) Greg Little
I made some crack about Little being Big, but is sounds like Mike Holmgren is drinking that Kool-Aid too.  Let's look at the facts.  Cleveland really has no receivers set.  Little has as good a chance of starting as anyone.  Last year, Colt McCoy was not spectacular, but at least he's a year older and he did make the Browns competitive.  I believe in Colt McCoy, and since I do, I believe in Greg Little as a nice #4 WR.
4) Julio Jones
I'll say it again!  He's just too good.  Sure he has a lot of other options before he would get the ball, but think of all the great #2 receivers that have put up great fantasy points.  OK, it's hard to think of.  Last year, only 4 of the Top 30 were #2's on their team.  And that was Jeremy Maclin and Mario Manningham at 14 and 15.  The next two came at 27th and 28th.  However, with receivers, a lot of it is match-ups and a lot of weeks the Falcons will put up more points than most other teams, so Jones would be good to have on your bench.
5) Alex Henery
We're not gonna forget the kicker now are we!  Funny, you don't hear a lot of pub on this Henery kid.  Kind of got lost after the draft.  But, c'mon the kicker in Philly?  David Akers was the number two kicker last year.  I don't know anything about this guy, but I want him as my starting kicker!
     Don't you have to love Mikel Leshoure?   The Lions are on the come and he would seem to be more of the every down back type than Jahvid Best!  Heck, I'm stocking him away too!

Now remember, don't get crazy on these rookies.  Let everyone else draft them in the third-fourth rounds.  But, if they're there late - GO GET 'EM!